Mass Health Council Gala: Dining With the Stars

Arthur Winn with chef Lydia Shire and Massachusetts Health Council Executive Director Susan Servais.

This October saw another successful Massachusetts Health Council (MHC) Awards Gala. Held at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, the event brought people together to celebrate health and honor those who work towards this goal in our healthcare industry every day.

The Winn Family Charitable Foundation was honored to sponsor this year’s event and support the Mass Health Council’s mission to create healthier individuals and communities across Massachusetts. 

Lydia Shire, a longtime friend of Arthur Winn’s, was this year’s celebrity chef and she cooked up a delicious (and nutritious) meal for the guests. Lydia is a culinary great, making a name for herself over the years with beautiful, successful restaurants and creative menus that have won numerous awards and national accolades. From longtime favorites Biba and Pignoli to today's must-visit restaurants Scampo and Towne, Lydia has proven her talent and passion again and again. 

The event also honored E.J. Dionne, Washington Post journalist; Timothy Johnson, MD former ABC Medical Correspondent; Joyce Murphy, MPA Executive Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine University of Massachusetts Medical School; Sally Sampson Founder and President of ChopChop Magazine; and Walter Willett, MD, MPH.

The Massachusetts Health Council is the largest and the oldest health council in the country, working to create healthier individuals and communities by concentrating on the pressing health care issues of access to care, quality, cost, and prevention for the last 94 years. MHC focuses on prevention and wellness, access to care, health care quality, health care cost, and such important issues as the enhancement of the public health infrastructure and disparities in the access to and delivery of health care.

Check out the Boston Globe and Boston Herald for a few photos from the evening.