Touring NEADS

This summer, Arthur Winn took a tour of the NEADS facility in Princeton, MA. NEADS is a non-profit organization that offers a wide spectrum of assistance dog services to individuals who are deaf, have hearing loss, combat veterans, adults and children with a physical disability, and children on the autism spectrum. 

After meeting some of the service dogs at the Voke Lofts ribbon cutting in July, he was inspired to donate $25,000 to fully fund the training of one service dog. 

“On my tour I met Rascal, the new pup I named after my childhood dog. Rascal will soon be trained to be a service dog,” Winn said. 

Winn also received a lesson in how to train service dogs and saw a demonstration of how these incredible dogs can assist their owners. Lastly, Winn had the honor of meeting two veterans and their service dogs that have benefited from NEADS – Jim Mirick and Oliver, and Kim Young and Checkers. (You can see a video from Winn’s visit on NECN, and an article in the Worcester Telegram.)

“These assistance dogs offer more than just companionship. They bring freedom, physical autonomy and relief from social isolation. NEADS is truly an inspiring organization that is changing lives here in Massachusetts,” Winn said.