Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing at Washington Park Achieves Top M/WBE Engagement

Twenty years ago, Arthur Winn and WinnCompanies became valuable members of the Roxbury and Dorchester communities as managers of the Washington Park Apartments. Today, he and Winn’s partners reaffirmed their dedication to the community, to working with area non-profits, and to the furthering of important minority workforce engagement goals with the ribbon cutting of Washington Park Apartments, a 96 unit scattered site affordable housing renovation project.   

"It is a privilege partnering with the WinnCompanies as I have for the last four years," said Darryl Settles, President of WiSe Urban Development. "Their leadership and commitment to excellence and the community has been and is top notch. Arthur Winn, the founder, has built an unbelievably strong team that pushes everyone to do their best and to best that. This has been such a great experience for me and allows me to channel the same effort into my work. Furthermore, our partnership has pushed the envelope when it comes to minority participation of a development project. This success should be a model for leveraging the resources of for-profit companies and nonprofits with a shared commitment to revitalizing urban neighborhoods and affordable housing preservation and development, led by community based partners. For this, I thank Arthur Winn,  as he was the visionary behind this effort.” 

To mark this milestone, business leaders and community partners came together to celebrate how this community has been brought back to life due to the efforts of WinnDevelopment, WiSe Urban Development, Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation, DHCD, MassHousing and the City of Boston.

Winn and partners Wise Urban Development and Nuestra Comunidad achieved unprecedented numbers in hiring minority and women owned businesses to complete the extensive rehabilitation work. All hiring goals were exceeded and the project was able to employ 390 minority and 50 female workers (69 percent of the total worker hours). It also engaged minority and women business enterprise companies for over 65 percent of the total construction work (a $7.6 million contract value). WinnCompanies has been recognized by MassHousing for 12 straight years for their multi-million dollar commitment to M/WBEs.

Roxbury's Washington Park Apartments consist of affordable and stable homes for 96 families and will remain so for years to come. The rehabilitation was a step forward in the continuing revitalization efforts within the community.

John Barros, Chief of Boston’s Economic Development Office, joined the ceremony saying that this partnership is a model for future development. Projects like Washington Park are very important to Mayor Walsh, and a foundation of his recently announced housing plan. “The first step is preserving affordable housing and reinvesting in our current housing stock, so this project is a big win for Boston,” said Barros. 

Arthur Winn, founder of WinnCompanies, said, “As the property manager for Washington Park for the past 20 years, recently partnering on its redevelopment and extension of affordability is a great thrill. Creating and preserving affordable housing alongside the non-profit community and tenant associations is something that is fundamental to Winn’s way of doing business.  Doing so in a way that sets new and higher standards for minority workers and business engagement in the City of Boston makes this that much more meaningful.”

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