Governor Charlie Baker Tours Fitchburg Yarn Mill Project with WinnCompanies

Central and western Massachusetts too often is treated like a stepchild to the state’s capital city of Boston and its immediate suburbs. That’s why it was great to see Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and other officials make their way to the City of Fitchburg on November 5 to help WinnCompanies break ground on our latest project in the region. Thanks to my longtime business partner, Larry Curtis, the president of WinnDevelopment, we will soon begin the hard work on transforming a 110-year-old, Fitchburg Yarn mill building into 96 units of mixed-income housing. We already manage Fitchburg Place, and our good work there led to the opportunity to develop Fitchburg Yarn.

Improving the supply and quality of housing in this part of the state has always been a focus for the company. In fact, one of my first projects as founder was Coes Pond Village, a 250-unit development in Worcester, that remains in our portfolio today. Another Worcester project, Voke Lofts, where Larry transformed a historic vocational school into 84 units of mixed-income housing, has won the industry’s highest awards since it opened in June 2014. We manage 700 units in Worcester alone, along with an additional 300 in the central Massachusetts communities of Athol, Boylston and Webster. I’m very proud that WinnDevelopment and WinnResidential are unafraid to go where the need for quality housing exists, as opposed to pursuing projects only where it’s trendy.