Winter’s Wrath Rocks Multifamily

arthur winn snow multifamily

Across much of the United States, winter weather has caused a litany of headaches. Even Southern states have been covered in ice. In WinnCompanies’ home base of Boston, more than 90 inches of snow has fallen in less than a month. It’s been a long winter for many.

Winter storms put pressure on the multifamily housing industry as well. While not as high as municipal snow removal costs, we must ensure that driveways, sidewalks, and parking are clear for our residents, no matter the price. The comfort—and safety—of residents is paramount.

One of the challenges in the multifamily space—especially in affordable housing—is the risk of expense. Buildings age and need repairs. Floods and fires occur. No matter how much you prepare and budget, some winters bust the budget for snow removal costs.  And because of rent restrictions in affordable housing an owner usually cannot simply raise the rent levels to compensate.

That’s to say nothing of the human power it takes to clear snow. There have been no snow days for Winn maintenance teams across the areas struggling with winter’s worst. In Lowell, Massachusetts, the team at Loft 27 worked tirelessly during the height of the first blizzard to hit New England to keep that community safe and clear. 

A resident at Heritage House, an affordable housing community for seniors in Newburyport, Massachusetts, took the time to hand-write a letter singing the praises of the maintenance team.

“We are fortunate to have Ken Wilson and Gary Roberts, who seem to be doing the work of ten men. While one might say this is their job, they have gone above and beyond. Our Heritage House is kept shoveled, snow-blown, salted and safe[.]”

arthur winn resident happy

I’m proud to see WinnCompanies employees demonstrating our commitment to providing safe, quality communities for our residents, and hope the weather eases up.