Leadership Changes at WinnCompanies


In recent weeks, WinnCompanies has seen some exciting changes in the leadership. Effective January 1st, 2015, my son Gilbert has assumed the title and responsibilities of CEO, stepping into the role of Sam Ross, who retired on the first of this year.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that nothing gives me more pleasure than to hand the reins to my son. What father would not want to be in a position to do so?  But, there’s a compelling story here that goes well beyond father / son pride.

When I started WinnCompanies more than 40 years ago, I founded it on a few key principles and values. The company would:

  • never miss a mortgage payment;
  • perform honestly and diligently to avoid litigation as either a plaintiff or defendant;
  • build award-winning multi-family developments, hotels and office buildings recognized for architectural suitability and design excellence;
  • be recognized as having a uniquely enviable relationship with its residents, based upon mutual respect; and finally, of course;
  • be successful financially

These values have led to growth and success for WinnCompanies. We now operate in 23 states, employ more than 3,000 professionals, manage more than 90,000 units, have developed and own more than 12,500 housing units and have developed, owned and managed signature commercial and retail properties across the United States. WinnCompanies is also the largest manager of privatized military housing in the United States, managing 24 military bases.

I’m so proud of these accomplishments and how well we’ve held to our core principles. I’m equally proud that our tenants are our friends, that our neighbors respect us and that our communities appreciate what we do day in and day out to make them better and stronger. Our joint venture partnership resident organizations in Boston -- Castle Square led by Debbie Backus and Ann Moy and Mission Main led by Adeline Stallings and Willie Pearl -- are emblematic of these resident relationships. This is the embodiment of the Winn culture.  

Gilbert Winn has been exposed to this company and these principles for his entire life. This is why I’m compelled to move him into this leadership role. WinnCompanies deserves the proud legacy we’ve built and I’m confident Gilbert will sustain it.

Gilbert began his real estate career at Related Companies of New York.  At Winn, he ramped up his development expertise working alongside Larry Curtis, President of WinnDevelopment. As Gilbert has been preparing to assume the role of CEO over the past few years, he has led the effort to assemble a deep new management team with new leaders of our multi-family property management, human resources, finance, and corporate departments.

Gilbert’s leadership and award-winning work in real estate development has led to projects like Canal Lofts and Voke Lofts both in Worcester, Massachusetts, Oliver Lofts in Boston and Oliver Crossing in Richmond, Virginia, all of which were developed under his direction and illustrate what happens when Gilbert leads the team.

Finally, a note about me. A few years ago, I tried retirement -- but I’m not much for sitting around. I am declaring myself officially unretired and back to work full time as Principal and Founder of WinnCompanies.

Please take a moment when you’re next in Boston to stop in on Gilbert to congratulate him. I look forward to seeing the new milestones WinnCompanies will achieve under his leadership.