A Solution to the Workforce Housing Shortage


As founder and owner of WinnCompanies, I enjoy wide latitude in taking credit for our successes. But the reality is that none of what we enjoy today would have been possible without the hard work of thousands of team members and the smart thinking of many experienced executives over the years. There’s one executive I am particularly fond of -- my son, Gilbert J. Winn. I was proud to name Gil as the CEO of the company at the start of 2015 after he had served 12 years in various development roles with us. Under his leadership, WinnCompanies is one of the most trusted names in the multifamily industry. This wonderful profile of Gil, published today by BisNow, makes me so proud because it demonstrates that WinnCompanies will continue to thrive under the core principles he learned while following me around when I was building the company.

- Arthur Winn

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