Arthur Winn Discusses the AJC Leadership Award

I have been involved in a number of causes over the years because I believe strong charitable initiatives, especially those that reinforce social services, are important to the health, safety and vitality of our communities. One of the groups I strongly support is the Boston Chapter of the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

Through smart grassroots advocacy in our communities and quiet diplomacy in the halls of power around the world, the AJC has proven to be one of the world’s most effective institutions at safeguarding the well-being of the Jewish people and promoting human rights and democratic values across religions and ethnicities.

A perfect example of the AJC’s approach is its Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism campaign, which seeks to unite American mayors and municipal leaders with their peers in Europe to advance the ideal of peaceful coexistence and to reinforce the belief that anti-Semitism is incompatible with fundamental democratic values.

The AJC Boston will be honoring me with their Community Leadership Award at their annual event in Boston this fall, but it is I who feels honored and humbled by my association with a dynamic group whose thought leadership, advocacy, diplomacy and strategic partnerships continue to make an effective difference in the quality of life locally, nationally and global.

- Arthur Winn