Boston Globe Highlights Mission Main's Success

Adrian Walker, the longtime columnist for The Boston Globe, recently spent several hours with me at the Mission Main Apartments in Boston as the community prepared to honor tenant advocate Adline Stallings. 

Walker’s resulting column captured perfectly the impact that Adline made on the future of Mission Main, which WinnCompanies transformed nearly 20 years ago and has managed ever since in a unique joint ownership arrangement with residents and with the support of the Boston Housing Authority

Adrian calls me a “bigshot developer,” but what happened at Mission Main is mostly due to the spirit and perseverance of residents like Adline, her longtime friend, Willie Pearl Clark, and many other women who demand and deserve respect.

We don’t see newspaper columns like this often enough. At a time when every twist and turn in the lives of celebrities is documented moment by moment in the media and social media, it is a pleasure to see some attention paid to unsung heroes in our communities.

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