AJC Boston's Partnership with Arthur Winn and WinnCompanies


"Well-conceived partnerships between nonprofit and private sector for-profit organizations can be mutually beneficial. Ensuring that such collaborations are effective, however, can be challenging and requires time and planning. A recent partnership between American Jewish Committee Boston (AJC) and Boston-based WinnCompanies may offer some lessons for how to maximize the prospects for success."

"In 2015, AJC honored Arthur Winn, founder of WinnCompanies, an award-winning apartment management company and the nation's premier builder of affordable housing and military housing. A pioneer and nation leader in the industry, Arthur was viewed as an outstanding candidate for this recognition. Through his efforts, people all across the country, many of whom might otherwise have found it difficult to establish a quality living environment, obtained homes that gave them the opportunity to lead stable and productive lives." 

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