Vulnerability and Failure

In a recent article, "Winning – An Interview with Arthur Winn," in The Huffington Post, one of the questions asked to me was, “What do I worry about?” My response was: failure. Failure has always been one of my biggest fears in life. This is one of the reasons why I have always stayed in the property development business. To many, it may seem risky, but I have always remained backed by core values, which decreases the risk in developing real estate.

Even after many years of success in the real estate industry and developing an award-winning national company, WinnCompanies, failure is as much of a fear to me today as it ever was. In the back of my mind, I know that failure is always a possibility, no matter how successful one becomes. Failure would be letting down so many that depend on me whether for their home, their job, or their community. Wanting to see success for not only myself and my family, but for so many people that I am in contact with on a daily basis in the communities I work with, the homes I help develop, and the businesses I am privileged to partner with is what motivates me to be vigilant in serving. My commitment to do well by doing good has never been stronger.

There is nothing more vulnerable than entrenched success.” – George Romney (while President of American Motors)