Some Thoughts On A Cherished Man

These are words written from the AJC New England Chapter, but so eloquently describe the close friend that I will miss dearly. 

Dear Friends,

Last night our community lost a beautiful, loving and devoted leader. Teddy Cutler did it all. He was Chairman of CJP’s Board of Directors. He was National Chairman of AIPAC. He served as President of Emerson College’s Board of Trustees. He helped to dramatically expand the capacity of the Boston Food Bank. He founded and led the 5 day annual Outside the Box music festival. The list goes on and on.

Teddy’s extraordinary impact flowed from a beautiful temperament. He was a mensch who combined wisdom with an enormous heart. He was on a first name basis with national leaders from across the country, but he was no less interested in people from all walks of life who filled his days. With Teddy it was all about the conversation - heart to heart. With warmth, wisdom and humor, he made the world better one person at a time.

In large and small ways Teddy dedicated himself to securing a strong and vibrant Jewish community; ensuring that those who are less fortunate are cared for; and among many other commitments, helping to make music and the arts more accessible to people who cannot afford to enjoy them. AJC was one of the many beneficiaries of the conversations and acts of kindness with which he inspired people, built organizations and cared for our community. He was a man who was so easy to love and, like so many others across our region, our hearts are broken today.

May Teddy Cutler’s memory always be for a blessing.


Jonathan Dorfman                              Rob Leikind
President, AJC New England           Director, AJC New England