Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People to Pursue Their Goals

Receiving my Neighborhood Visionary Award from  Greater Boston Real Estate Board  CEO,  Greg Vasil .

Receiving my Neighborhood Visionary Award from Greater Boston Real Estate Board CEO, Greg Vasil.

I honestly don’t know how families can afford to send their children to most colleges today. I worked my way through college and graduate school  back in the 1960s. I was not a great student by any means, but I had an entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic and I just kept moving forward until I got it done. WinnCompanies didn’t become one of the nation’s best developers and one of the largest property managers in my nation because of my degrees, but I would not have started the company if I hadn’t had the benefit of going to school.

That’s one of the reasons why I am happy to support programs that help the very people that WinnCompanies serves – young people from families who otherwise could not afford college.

My college memories came into sharp focus for me recently when the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and uAspire hosted their sixth annual GBREB Foundation Scholarship Breakfast to recognize the 30 outstanding young people with scholarship awards from the GBREB Foundation. Along with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, who received the 2018 uAspire First One Award, I had the privilege to receive the Neighborhood Visionary Award at the event. This year’s breakfast raised a record-breaking $350,000 for the GBREB Foundation, which will go towards creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged students who need financial assistance in order to pursue higher education.

WinnCompanies shares the priority of education. My son Gilbert created our WinningEdge Scholarship program in 2012 to create higher education opportunities for young people living in our communities. To date, the program has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships to nearly 300 residents of communities owned and operated by WinnResidential.

Top-quality affordable housing and the chance to pursue educational opportunities go hand in hand  – both create the foundation for success for individuals and families who to improve their lot in life.  I am grateful for the educational opportunities behind the success that I have achieved, and honored to know have the chance to impact the lives of young people as they follow their dreams.